About Amos.

What's going on everybody. My name is Amos. I'm a Youtube vlogger (basically a blogger but through video) and video editor. It has been a  fun and learning experience. Youtube has been my platform and I have reached/formed a community with many people around the world through my vlogs and videos. For all of my supporters and subscribers, I appreciate all the support. For all you new viewers, I WELCOME you!! 

I started creating video content on Youtube in 2013. I started with vlogging and have since created other types of videos like product reviews and gameplay. Since then I've had the pleasure to help friends create weddings videos and editing local amateur fight videos for local MMA gyms. 

This passion has now led me to create Amosw Productions. Inspiration comes through many avenues and I hope to serve my customers through this new venture.

At Amosw Productions, we strive to product high quality video content. For more information, please visit my site athttp://www.amosw.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/amosw